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Trough Cruft (post-american nude)

This cruft process updated daily at 2:40, 5:40, 8:40, and 11:40 AM & PM EST. Thr code downloads and manipulates an image from an adult website giving it the retro look of a newspaper or comic book. An episode description from a VH1 television reality show (www.vh1.com) is added to the image.

The irony of the "rise of the rest," Mr. Zakaria notes, is that it is largely a result of American ideas and actions: "For 60 years, American politicians and diplomats have traveled around the world pushing countries to open their markets, free up their politics, and embrace trade and technology. We have urged peoples in distant lands to take up the challenge of competing in the global economy, freeing up their currencies, and developing new industries. We counseled them to be unafraid of change and learn the secrets of our success. And it worked: the natives have gotten good at capitalism."


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