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Six October Days

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Six October Days is a selection of six Stub Cruft created as the result of my own consuming and digesting of the words used in Rush Limbaugh's daily talk radio show. These poems are a collaboration between myself and Rush Limbaugh, but as my computer program manipulates his words, they are remixed and transformed, no longer as incendiary, but rather impotent in their desperate staccato repetition demanding to be heard.

The book was created for the exhibition, "SOS ART 2011, An exhibit and event of creative expressions for Peace and Justice" in Cincinnati, Ohio, March 2011. At the opening I also participated in a poetry reading, sharing my automated, collaborative remix of Rush Limbaugh.

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Stub Cruft (rush limbaugh redux)
A daily Stub Cruft is created by an automated computer program that downloads and edits the daily quotes from Rush Limbaugh's talk radio show, and a selection of individual words are composed into the Stub Cruft. A computer synthesised voice gives a daily reading of the Stub Cruft recorded as an MP3 file and documented as a text file.
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