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A digital video production based on a play produced by Expanded Arts.

Sharmy the Scab

Sharmy the Scab, a 72 min. digital film, is based on the play by the same name, originally produced at Expanded Arts in the '94 plays in 94 days festival.' The tale of two social misfits, looking for love and success, without realizing it is closer than they think. The digital video was shot and edited at Expanded Arts and on locations on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The video clip below is when the two main characters create a music video for cheap.

Sharmy the Scab, 1997, 72 min. Digital Film
Written by Randy Gatica, Cinematography by Preston Rescigno,
Music by Jonathan Sanborn, Directed by Robert Spahr

Expanded Arts Film & Video

Having obtained one of the first available firewire cards, and digital video cameras, Expanded Arts produced many short Super 8mm films and digital videos that were then used within multimedia theatre productions.

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