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Some of what I do, and what I've done.


Milton's Balm Cruft

Disenthrall Cruft

Plutus Cruft

Burn-and-Rave Cruft

Darkling Cruft

Blue Colic Cruft

Value Meal Cruft (Trumpet Mix)

Data Loss (Corruption) Cruft

 Drawing, Painting, & Prints

Because, I #3

Bifurcated Memory (Diptych)

Disenthrall Woodcut #1 (4 panels)

Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo: Moscow Sketchbook

Ecce Homo: Trace Evidence

Reparation For Events Real & Imagined (tile #2)

 Live Art & Sculpture

Twittering Machine Object/Performance

Twittering Machine #2 (at delphi)

Twittering Machine #3 (Mandela Effect)

Babel Jar & Image

Red Queens Race (surveillance machine)