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A networked and generative live art performance.

Present Moment Amplifier

The discovery of the material evidence relating to the Present Moment Amplifier traces the origins of media creation as it began in the late colonial period and into the empire era in United States and introduces into the historical record, new discoveries that promise to radically revise what we know about the development of recorded and generative art. Theatre, the progenitor of media and more directly, the movement from the chemical to the electric era in the arts brought great change to what had previously been considered distinctly different eras of content creation. While the Present Moment Amplifier was constructed in 1882, research reveals the direct influence of colonial invention on and further pre-dates the history of electric arts by 100 years.

— Author Unknown

A networked generative live art performance created in collaboration by Jay Needham and Robert Spahr. Presented at the XXIV GENERATIVE ART 2021 International Conference held in Sardenia, Italy.