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Solo Exhibit of CRUFT at Manifest

Press Release
September 30 - October 28, 2005
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, September 30, 6-10 p.m.
2727 Woodburn Avenue, East Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

MANIFEST kicks off its second season in serious fashion by offering two solo exhibits by two veteran artists with international experience (see Kelly release provided separately). CRUFT by Robert Spahr marks the launch of Manifest's new media pilot program, with project support provided by a grant from the Fine Arts Fund, and sponsorship by Tri-State Visual Products, Inc. This exhibit brings a Cincinnati area native, but long-time NYC resident, back to town to present his most recent politically loaded work.

For his current work Spahr creates automated scripts and algorithms that harvest images from the Internet as source material, which are then used to generate a new image he calls "Crufts."

Spahr views the Internet as a vast database of images and code from which he derives the materials for his artworks. His creative activities bridge the gap between fine art, software programming, and digital design. The works in CRUFT represent Manifest's embracing of New Media, (and the merging of disciplines), as well as the willing integration of it into the same context as traditional art forms. The exhibit also embodies Manifest's notion of accessibility of artwork to the general public. Spahr's work pushes the limits of conceptual image making, and helps stake new territory in the geography and politics of contemporary art.

What you'll see: 15 lush inkjet prints from five different CRUFT sets of the digital imagery created by Spahr's algorithms; a live CRUFT which will incorporate imagery from a live video feed in the gallery and global imagery harvested in real time from the Internet; a large-scale digital video projection of dozens of images selected randomly from the thousands in Spahr's CRUFT portfolio; and finally, an intriguing comparison between the digital work of Robert Spahr and the hand-crafted drawing work of Kevin T. Kelly in the Drawing Room.

The combination of these two artists, in two simultaneous solo exhibits at Manifest, represents the reunion oftwo classmates (Art Academy) who both pursued careers in art in New York City, who both began as sculptors but have since adopted 2D media, and who both incorporate elements of 'pop culture' into their work. The similarities and differences promise to make for an interesting and artful cultural experience.

BigBro Cruft created for Manifest Gallery

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Exhibition Catalog

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CRUFT by Robert Spahr and
Drawings by Kevin T. Kelly

volume 6, softcover, 32 pages, 26 full color illustrations, 6" x 8.5"

Exhibition Announcement and Learning Guide

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Download Manifest Gallery Learning Guide (PDF)
(A worksheet to accompany CRUFT and Drawings by Kevin T. Kelly)