[Boxes No.2]

A mixed media installation that started as a sketch to investigate the objecthood of a cardboard box in both physical and online platforms. I arrived at the idea that destruction, replacement, duplication, and manipulation of the boxes have different properties of matter, energy, and purpose in their respective realms, and expanded the project to be demonstrated in a small gallery space with multiple cardboard boxes, strings, and a virtual cardboard box on a laptop.

Seven boxes in various sizes hang from the ceiling and are attached to the wall. A long red piece of string connects the boxes through the gallery space in an erratic manner and abruptly ends in space where the laptop is positioned. The boxes are arranged approximately at eye level and are presented as objects that can be touched, destroyed, moved, and manipulated. The laptop consists of a virtual cardboard box that can optionally appear, change form, and reappear in the online space through user interaction.

Although the installation started as an attempt to open the meaning of occupying and drawing in spaces, it also generated a discussion about the relation between the boxes in the two realms as representing a human state of mind, physique, and mortality.