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Exercise Two:
Counter Mapping: Origins, Directions & Locations

View: Counter Mapping, 09:32


1. Using the name of the street where you grew up as a starting point, create a counter map.
This is not a literal map, but instead think of it as a visual story, or poem. Each web page could be a "place" and a "time", and they do not have to be in chronological order.

2. Create something that maps your origins, your directions, and your locations.
This is your "map", and I want you to use the name of the street where you grew up, as a starting point for inspiration. Think of these three pages as telling a story about your past. The viewer of this work has to navigate the web pages and travel from one place to another. So this is really a metaphor about time and place, that the web user navigates, from page to page like a map. This is closer to poetry and story, than it is to a literal map. This story can have the logic of a dream, and with each link and page we can "jump" to a new time period and place. This is a story of your origins and childhood, mapping your directions and journey to your present.

3. This should consist of at least three web pages that could contain text and/or images.
I would also like you to link each of the pages. This could be done in many ways, but a simple linear method would be that page1.html links to page2.html and page2.html links to page3.html. A non-linear way for example, could make each individual page link to each of the other two pages.