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Project #3:
Counter Mapping: Origins, Directions & Locations

View for inspiration: Counter Mapping, 09:32


1. Using the name of the street where you grew up as a starting point, create a performance no more than five minutes in length.

2. Create something that maps your origins, your directions, and your locations.

Your performance can be a map used for clarity and navigation, or it can be a journey into mystery without a specific destination.

Maps can tell stories and shows relationships, they don't have to be to scale, and they can be non-linear. Consider the assumptions one makes when using maps. Do maps create borders and boundries, or do maps create paths and bridges to new places?

This assignment is not a literal map, but instead think of it as a visual story, or performance poem.

This story/poem can have the logic of a dream. This is a story of your origins and childhood, mapping your directions and journey to your present moment.

Details of this project will be discussed in class.