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Further Resources:

Gene Youngblood: Expanded Cinema (book available free online)
Expanded Cinema, 1970

Robert Gober at The Art Institute of Chicago

Robert Whitman: "Performances From The 1960s" -Part 1- (1963-1666)

Joseph Beuys, Who is Joseph Beuys?

Allan Kaprow - How to Make a Happening, 1966

Andy Warhol interview 1964

Andy Warhol: Race Riot 1964

Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick Screen Test

"What Follows" Interview Series: Adrian Piper Clip

Exposition Rebecca Horn 2

Bill Viola, Acceptance, 2008

(nostalgia) by Hollis Frampton 1/4
(nostalgia) by Hollis Frampton 2/4
(nostalgia) by Hollis Frampton 3/4
(nostalgia) by Hollis Frampton 4/4