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Exercise Two: Juxtaposition & The Perception of Time

Working with a partner, create a 5-7 minute performance piece concentrating on exploring Juxtaposition and The Perception of Time.

Use Chapter II: The Pool of Tears and/or Chapter IV:The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill as a starting point for the development of an original script and performance. Feel free to edit, delete, and manipulate the original text.

Specifically consider the following issues:
When and how does the piece begin and end?
When and what is juxtaposed?
How do you use time?
How does the audience experience and perceive time?
Is this piece interactive?
What is your relationship to the audience?
Do you slip in and out of character?
Are you in character or are you just yourself?
Is there a narrator?
Are you in an imaginary space?
Do you move the camera during the performance?
What is the POV of the camera? Does this change during the performance?
Are you considering composition of image, lighting, general issues of cinematography?