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Beginners-Mind: A Poem

Mon, Feb 4, 2008 @ 00:02:04 | Permalink


Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?

I’ve seen the help signs on the roof tops of my generation
I’ve seen the terrified ash white pod people
walking uptown to the safety of the big box stores

I watch the bombarded people
Who is watching the media people?
Log on, Tune out, Drop in

How much randomness and lack of control can I tolerate?
A culture industry induced coma of domesticated apathy
Representations of the world I live in not the world
I remember.

Taste the memories and they do not look
like photographs.
Watch the bombarded people
Because it’s a very important question

words & images changed to fit the story
while all the progress of the 20th Century avant-garde
is now contained in software

misunderestimated truth people
misdirection people
no people left behind people

Take your Ritalin people
cut & paste
because collage made a comeback
with a vengeance

wake up people
Because it’s a very important question