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A performance that is a symptom of today.

Further Resources

Live Art Workshop
As the moderator of an organized group of visual artists, poets, musicians, dancers, and actors, we would meet on a weekly basis to research and develop monthly performances. We then developed some Strategies of Live Art' that were then used to create collaborative performances we presented at the Event Series (evenings of performance art, music, dance, and film) at the Kraine Theatre in the East Village of New York City.

A version of "Fluids" was created using a score that consisted of 500 index cards, each printed with an activity or statement. Before the performance, the cards were shuffled, and then selected one at a time and the activities were then done. This was the glue that connected more structured short segments of performance. In the end, all audience members were given cards until everyone was doing activites, and no one was watching.

Environmental Fashion Show
There was extensive use of smells in thie performance, each associated with an emotional state. This emotional state was then reinforced within the shows activites triggering a psychological association to the past. One can't remember words spoken in the distant past, yet everyone remembers the smells that marked events of earliest childhood. Inspiration was taken from Marcel Proust"s famous madeleine. Plastic drop cloths were hung approx. 12" parallel to each of the four walls. This created a room within a room. From off stage, various smells were created by burning a drop of scented oil, such as peppermint, cedar, garlic etc... A fan would slowly blow the air, and a cloud of smell would pass through the inner plastic room in approx. 5 min. The entire show was triggered by the audio track numbers of the tape deck. Once the show began, the cues of actions and smells were always based on the audio track.