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Twittering Machine

Twittering Machine, wood, metal, paper, feathers, wind chimes, speaker, ipod shuffle, and a remixed audio file of Donald J Trump announcing his candidacy for President of the United States mixed with Frank Sinatra singing "Summer Wind." 15"x28"x78", 2016.

Twittering Machine Object/Performance

This twittering machine object is wheeled forward on to the stage, a small wind chime hangs inside the cage like structure, ringing as it moves. A handle is turned, and a small camshaft raises and lowers a platform covered in feathers inside the cage. As the handle is cranked, white feathers begin to squeeze through the wire mesh of the cage, falling to the floor. The mixed audio of Donald J Trump and Frank Sinatra begins to play, amplified by the orange cone. The handle continues to be cranked, feathers issue forth. The sound stops, and the twittering machine is wheeled off stage.

Performed at the Out of the Box Festival, Shryock Auditorium, at Southern Illinois University, Saturday, April 2nd, 2016.

two views of the twittering machine
Two views of the twittering machine.