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STUB CRUFT (rush limbaugh redux)
Wednesday June 15 2016
part 1 of 3

amazing  system now everything now
amazing  system now everything
amazing  Orlando LEAST  everything
part 2 of 3
they red
they red red apparent abiding apparent
they red red apparent abiding
they red
they red
they red
they  law WHEN red abiding
part 3 of 3
poll stopping
poll stopping World said acquiring said
poll stopping World said acquiring
poll stopping
poll stopping
poll stopping
poll  everybody PERMITTED stopping acquiring

Stub Cruft (rush limbaugh redux)

This algorithm begins by downloading and editing the daily quotes from Rush Limbaugh's talk radio show, and a selection of individual words are composed into the Stub Cruft. A computer synthesised voice gives a daily reading of the Stub Cruft recorded as an MP3 file and documented as a text file and an audio file. The resulting collaborative poem between myself and Rush Limbaugh uses repetition to emphasis the vocabulary used on his radio program, while at the same time the computer voice struggles and sometimes fails to correctly pronounce the words. The resulting poetry fragment then requires the viewer to fill in the gaps to actively complete the overall narrative.

CRUFT: Art from Digital Leftovers

I make work that spans computational art, performance, installation, painting and object-making, using collage, remix, automation, indeterminacy, and randomness to bear upon the computer and the Internet as machines that regulate and restrict just as much as they can be used to disrupt and resist dominant codes of seeing and being.

My art practice reflects on our relationship to media technologies, especially surveillance and mind control, and in the process contemplates what a post-human art may look like. Organized under the umbrella concept of Cruft, I take apart, juxtapose, recycle, and interrupt the relentless flow of media to reveal a relationship in which we don't simply consume media, but are also consumed by it.

Digital collages called Cruft are created by scraping the web using computational algorithms that remix mainstream media sites like CNN with social networks of individuals, and reproduce, in mimicry of the 24/7 media cycle, the narrow choices permitted in public discourse. In another series of recent work, Machine Vision, I recombine footage from surveillance cameras with other media, to explore the relationship between war, surveillance, and automation within an overall machine aesthetic.

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