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Cliff Dwellers (Drone Study #4)

A series of images captured from a CCTV camera in New York City are processed to produce a ghost like animation.

Native American cliff dwellers were at the peak of their technological development circa the 12th and 13th centuries when they appear to have left quietly... Some theories include climate change, prolonged drought, topsoil erosion, de-forestation, and hostility from new arrivals.
Do you remember Fax Machines, Gaming Consoles, Personal Computers...   Are you still on Facebook?

The Cliff Dwellers Cruft images are studies for the larger project Machine Vision: Images of Drone Landscapes .

CRUFT: Art from Digital Leftovers

I make work that spans computational art, performance, installation, painting and object-making, using collage, remix, automation, indeterminacy, and randomness to bear upon the computer and the Internet as machines that regulate and restrict just as much as they can be used to disrupt and resist dominant codes of seeing and being.

My art practice reflects on our relationship to media technologies, especially surveillance and mind control, and in the process contemplates what a post-human art may look like. Organized under the umbrella concept of Cruft, I take apart, juxtapose, recycle, and interrupt the relentless flow of media to reveal a relationship in which we don't simply consume media, but are also consumed by it.

Digital collages called Cruft are created by scraping the web using computational algorithms that remix mainstream media sites like CNN with social networks of individuals, and reproduce, in mimicry of the 24/7 media cycle, the narrow choices permitted in public discourse. In another series of recent work, Machine Vision, I recombine footage from surveillance cameras with other media, to explore the relationship between war, surveillance, and automation within an overall machine aesthetic.

MACHINE VISION: Images of Drone Landscapes

Rasberry Pi computer
Raspberry Pi, photo by jwrodgers
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Autonomous Machine #2
Autonomous Machine (Server #2)
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A Work-In-Progress
Recombining footage from surveillance cameras with other media, to explore the relationship between war, surveillance, and automation within an overall machine aesthetic. I use Raspberry Pi microcomputers, cameras, and sensors, to develop small autonomous machines that watch our world, and sharing our information on a network to then produce visual art that that represents machine vision.

Since the summer of 2013, the news has been filled with a constant flow of information leaked by the whistleblower Edward Snowdon regarding the complete surveillance system created by the National Security Agency with the infrastructure and help of companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple. Together the government and corporations have created an automated system of looking, sharing, and hiding.

Our personal lives and images are looked at by automated machines, shared by computational processes and controlled by hidden algorithms. This machine aesthetic under the control of the corporatocracy influences almost every aspect of society, stripping the population of its privacy as well as the earth of its natural resources. I am interested in the governmental goals of total information awareness combined with capitalism's need to consume itself at all cost.

Network Map