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This collection is a core sample of Cruft & Elegy to the American Republic images.

a suite of cruft images that are a core sample

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I write 'recipes' (also known as an algorithm), an automated system then follows my instructions, first harvesting selected source material from the Internet and then processing that information into a CRUFT, generating images 24 hours a day.

Updated 15 minutes past the hour.
This cruft algorithm extracts images from the NYtimes home page once every hour. The images from this page are then manipulated to generate the three panel overlapping cruft. Over time the changes or lack of change seen in the crufts reflect the news cycle of the NYtimes.com site.

Hourly Cruft
01.hourly.jpg created 03/28/04 at 15:15

Hourly Cruft
02.hourly.jpg created 11/22/04 at 16:15
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An image is created at 5:35 and 11:35 AM & PM EST.
This cruft algorithm extracts images from the CNN home page once every eight hours. The headline text is parsed, and the images from this page are then enlarged, cropped and turned into grayscale. The text is then pasted into the red fields generating the final cruft.

Premise Cruft
03.premise.jpg created 09/14/06 at 11:35
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An image is created 26 minutes past the hour.
This cruft algorithm extracts an image from the Whitehouse.gov, and the Aljazeera.com homepage once every hour. These images are then altered to generate a composite cruft creating a simultaneous self-portrait of both Washington and the Arab world.

Mire Cruft
04.mire.jpg created 09/14/06 at 12:26

Mire Cruft
05.mire.jpg created 01/01/07 at 22:26
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An image is created at 6:34 AM EST.
Two images are extracted from the Catholic.org homepage, one from the International News, and one from the U.S. National News. These images are cropped, the color range limited and a composite image is produced that includes a biblical verse parsed from the Biblegateway.com website.

Tenet Cruft
06.tenet.jpg created 07/10/05 at 06:34

Tenet Cruft
07.tenet.jpg created 07/26/05 at 06:34
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An image is created at eight minutes past the hour.
This cruft algorithm extracts an image from the CNN home page once every hour as a snapshot of current events. Color and contrast is manipulated. The image is then collated and combined with images from the previous 23 hours. Recent events are in the foreground with past events receding from view.

Twenty Four Cruft
08.twentyfour.jpg created 05/16/05 at 08:08

Twenty Four Cruft
09.twentyfour.jpg created 05/26/05 at 16:08
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Updated at 7:58 and 1:58 AM & PM EST.
Using data that is collected from Yahoo! search log files, these terms are the most searched subjects from 2 days past (Tuesday-Saturday). One subject is used in a new search query on Yahoo! image search. From the results an image is selected and combined with the current threat advisory from the Department of Homeland Security, the total number of Department of Defense confirmed American dead in Iraq as well as the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline to generate the Jaw-Grind Cruft.

Jawgrind Cruft
10.jawgrind.jpg created 11/25/06 at 01:58
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This cruft process is no longer active.
The archive contains images from the gallery opening on Sept. 30, 2005 Made specifically for the CRUFT exhibit at Manifest Gallery. A camera located in Manifest's main gallery records the behavior of all visitors. A second camera monitors people in New York City walking the streets of Times Square. Still images from both live video feeds are used to create a new composite image. An area of heightened focus is determined and a red linear circle is drawn on the image to emphasis potential security risks. This new image was then uploaded every minute to a secure server and can also be seen at www.robertspahr.com for any interested party or governmental authority to observe.

BigBro Cruft
11.bigbro.jpg created 09/30/05 at 18:26
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Updated at an undetermined time (approx. 20 min past the hour)
This algorithm calculates the exact time since the beginning of a new era. A webcam located in New York City captures a specific moment as people go about their lives. We simultaneously become voyeurs while viewing an image that preserves a snapshot in time.

Era Cruft
12.era.jpg created 03/02/06 at 13:24
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Updated at 8:38 AM EST.
This cruft algorithm extracts an image from the United States Navy site (www.navy.mil) which is then combined with a "Babe of the Day" image on The-Jokes (www.the-jokes.com/) website. The colors are intensified and the composite image is then created.

Wanton Cruft
13.wanton.jpg created 08/09/06 at 08:38

Wanton Cruft
14.wanton.jpg created 10/01/06 at 08:38
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Updated at 2:19, 5:19, 8:19, 11:19 AM & PM.
This cruft algorithm extracts images from the BBC News home page. These images are altered and cool grays and reds are added to generate this Vermilion Cruft.

Vermilion Cruft
15.vermilion.jpg created 07/22/06 at 14:19

Vermilion Cruft
16.vermilion.jpg created 10/19/06 at 20:19
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Updated at 43 minutes past the hour
This cruft algorithm extracts images from the United States Air Force site (www.af.mil) which are then combined with images from Internet sex sites. The images are manipulated and a composite is then created.

Babylon Cruft
17.babylon.jpg created 12/31/05 at 17:43

Babylon Cruft
18.babylon.jpg created 09/18/06 at 21:43
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This cruft process is no longer active.
These images are 500 x 500 pixels in size.
A collaboration with the Department of Defense produces this cruft by extracting a recent transcript and image from the government web site. (http://www.dod.mil/today/) This image is cropped and combined with a poem that is generated from the text of the transcript.

Prolefeed Cruft
19.prolefeed.jpg created 04/30/06 at 17:36

Prolefeed Cruft
20.prolefeed.jpg created 07/18/06 at 17:36
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CRUFT: Art from Digital Leftovers

My work includes traditional art practices in drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Recent work includes generative art, performance, installation, and network based art. My arts practice explores the Internet not just as a distribution platform but organized under the umbrella concept of Cruft. I take apart, juxtapose, recycle, and interrupt the relentless flow of media to reveal a relationship in which we don't simply consume media, but are also consumed by it. Computer code is automated and runs on a server which at specified times goes out to the Internet and scrapes source material from the web to then produce a form of digital collage. Each auto-generated Cruft is the digital residue created from the information flowing through the Internet at that moment. This work is then automatically uploaded to my web site for distribution to the viewing public. My work on Cruft has encouraged me to think about the nature of the unique art object and it’s dematerialization, from atoms to bits, allowing for potentially infinite copies.

Misdirection as Mass Deception
Like the magician performing sleight-of-hand to deceive and misdirect the eye, those in power tell us where to look and what to think. The mass media provides the stage where the deception unfolds focusing public attention with emotion and fear. Having been in lower Manhattan on September 11th 2001, I experienced first hand the collision of terrorism and warfare into the visual, resulting in our network connected screens compressing the time between living and documenting an event. The media showed images of the planes impact and the buildings collapse in a repetitive loop. Our screens became weapons of terror, the system of representation was hijacked and we were forced to relive those terrifying moments by viewing images presented as a never ending present. In 2003, as the United States invaded Iraq, I began to notice how the media presented images that contributed to fear and consensus, and as the images disappeared from view, I wondered what became of these digital leftovers and I then started creating auto-generated Cruft.