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Darth Vader Feels Blue, 1:46
Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know - Old School Computer Remix, 04:04
Meet Amazon's robot army 01:39
Boston Dynamics: Introducing Spot , 02:15
GNU User Lib video, 2:53
The Great Gatsby (2013) Visual Effects Before & After Clip [HD]

Approaching Machine Aesthetics, 2016
Mobile Device Performance

Duchamp: Readymades
Duchamp: 3 Standard Stoppages
Man Ray: Indestructable Object
Cage: Prepared Piano
Cage: Water Walk
Robert Morris: Litanies & Document
Steve Reich: Pendulum Music
Sol Lewitt: Drawing

jodi.org, 1993
Olia Lialina: My Boyfriend Came Back From The War, 1996
Cory Arcangel: Super Mario Clouds, 2002
DJ Danger Mouse: The Grey Album, Encore, 2004
Anne-Marie Schleiner: Velvet-Strike, 2002
Eva and Franco Mattes, No Fun, 2010
Keith Obadike: Blackness for Sale, 2001
Caleb larsen: A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter, 2009

Workshop: Explorations in Sound

Mary's Creature

Pence - Twitter - All Male Photo Discussing Health Care
Women's March on Washington D.C