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Free Software to Protect Your Private Bits

Free Software
What is free software?

Protect Your Privacy Online
DuckDuckGo (privacy respecting search engine)
Don't Track Us (an illustrated guide)
Escape your Search Engines Filter Bubble (an illustrated guide)
How-to stop getting tracked in your Browser (software solutions)
StartPage (Proxy Search Engine)
uBlock Origin (browser add-on to block ads)
Firefox: How do I turn on the Do-not-track feature?
Privacy Badger browser add-on

The Onion Router Firefox Browser Bundle
Tor Browser (anonymous web browser)

Virtual Private Networks
Wikipedia: Virtual Private Networks

Email Privacy with Encryption
Email Self-Defense Infographic
Email Self-Defense Full-Guide
Public / Private Keys Explained: Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange

Cross-Platform Free Software
Libre Office (office suite)
The Gimp (image editor)
Inkscape (drawing program)
Scribus (page layout)
Firefox (web browser)

Further Resources
Prism Break (An extensive list of alternative software to protect your privacy)

GNU+LINUX Distributions
Linux Mint
Ubuntu Linux
Arch Linux

Virtualization Software